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A business plan is a guide for establishing and organizing all the resources needed to run a successful business. A business plan is also a tool for evaluating and selecting the right resources, people and capital. By creating a business plan, you can determine what resources you’re willing to spend and what you’re willing to give up to achieve your goals. The business plan is an excellent way to help you determine what to do with many different types of resources, such as people, money, time and equipment. A proper business plan is very important for starting a business, specially for startups. This blog will provide an example of an excellent business plan for startup, as well as the meaning and definition.

What is a Business plan?

Let’s talk about what a business plan is before we look at the business plan example for the startup. A business plan is a document that describes a business concept that you have. It generally includes presenting your business concept and detailing the product or service you’ll be selling. It also describes your target market and manufacturing costs. In other words, A business plan is a written, formal document that summarizes the information and the decisions you’ve made for your business. Business plans are used for a lot of different things, but they’re usually used for getting funding from investors or loans from banks.

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Business Plan Example for Startup

A business plan is a great approach to identifying opportunities and risks, as well as what to do with a range of resources including people, money, time, and equipment. It primarily acts as a road map for your new business’s launch and growth. It can also encourage crucial personnel or partners to join your organization.

An effective business plan is simple and straightforward. It should be understandable to someone who isn’t in your field. Excessive use of industry jargon or terminology should be avoided. Here is an example of business plan for startup you might found useful –

Tool to Help Preparing Your Business Plan

When you’re preparing to start a business, you need to understand and plan for the start-up process. The business plan is what you use to describe the business and how it will be run and how it will be successful. For some small businesses, this will be a quick process, but for others it can take months. Here are five tools that may help you to prepare your startup business plan-

Business Plan Example & Tools for Startup


StartPad is one of the best business plan applications for the iPad, according to Entrepreneur and Forbes. This program includes strategic business planning training, professionally prepared example company plans, financial estimates, and other reports, among other things. Business plans developed using StartPad may be printed or exported as high resolution PDFs. The basic version of StartPad is free to download and use, but further features need in-app payments. StartPad is available for download from the Apple App Store.

Business Plan & Start Startup

Are you an user of Android? This is the software for you: Business Plan & Start Startup. However, this tool isn’t simply for generating a business plan. It also promises to assist entrepreneurs accomplish three things: start a business the proper way with a well-crafted business plan; keep them motivated and on track; and give a network of fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals to aid users with their business plans and operations. The Google Play store has a free app called Business Plan & Start Startup.

SBA’s Build Your Business Plan Tool

The Business Plan Tool from the Small Business Administration is a step-by step tutorial that allows you to save your work and return to it for up to six months. SBA will walk you through the process of launching a business and developing a business plan. It will serve as a guide for structuring and designing your new company.


Enloop is an excellent tool for beginner. Even if you have no prior experience, you may use this to create your starting business plan. You enter your information into this tool, and Enloop generates your strategy based on your input.


LivePlan is an online solution that assists with budgeting, forecasting, and performance tracking while simplifying the business planning process.

Takeaways: Business Plan Example for Startup

A great business plan can help you open the doors of a new venture or improve your upcoming business idea. It is what you use to describe the business and how it will be run and how it will be successful. An ideal business plan should contain the details of your business concept and the product or service you will be selling as well as the resources, risks, opportunities.


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