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We often see that many employees are engaging themselves in various types of work from different departments expecting that their farraginous involvement will help them to be evaluated as a high-level performers. But in reality, multitasking barely brings any result or outcome. A multitasker acts as if they are doing so many things at a time but at the end of the day when it comes to the outcomes their result is zero. When a person is assigned or prefers to do multiple tasks their expertise does not grow at the expected level. Initially, it looks like their career is growing faster than others but in the long run, they fail to achieve their ultimate target.  

Now, the question is if it is possible for an employee to perform a huge number of tasks in different nature achieving the highest rate of success. The answer may be “Yes” for a person with unlimited intellectual capabilities. But when we talk about general cases it becomes incongruous. Because when someone intends to do so many tasks at the same time s/he fails to concentrate on any of them thus none of the undertakings are completed successfully. Therefore, by doing this a multitasker achieves nothing for his or her company at the end of the day.

In an organization, it is often observed that some employees are always complaining about their engagement in multiple works and they are stressed because of their existing workload. This makes them apprehensive about their career growth as the engagement in multiple tasks does not allow them to be adept in a specific area. Since they have to concentrate on multiple tasks, they do not become widely foresighted in anything. Therefore, they become “Jack of all business but master of none”

It is very simple to understand that a man who is continuously doing the same thing year after year will achieve the expertise over it. He will barely make any mistakes and find out ways to deal with all the barriers associated with that task. Also, he will be able to develop a lot of innovative ways to accomplish the task in an easy manner. Therefore his productivity will increase day by day. On the other hand, if the man is appointed to a different project he will not be able to bring out maximum results from any of them. Although, In some cases, he will be able to carry out his multiple job responsibilities the final outcome will not be that professional.

In this blog, we will discuss how a well-defined work area affects the productivity of an individual employee.

Employee satisfaction 

When an employee will be engaged in one specific work area gradually he will achieve all the required skills needed to accomplish his tasks. Therefore it will be easy for him to manage his work in an efficient manner and he will be enjoying his work very much. He will be able to work towards a specific goal, which is good for his personal career and also for the organization. Therefore, organizations can achieve the highest level of employee satisfaction. 

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Increase productivity

“Productivity is related with the capability/efficiency of an employee or a group of employees to perform a specific task.” The efficiency towards a specific job can be achieved by doing the task constantly. Being focused, doing again and again, and avoiding making mistakes is the key to employee productivity.  So if someone is engaged in a specific work area he can constantly focus on the same tasks which will increase his productivity. 

“Productivity is related to the capability/efficiency of an employee or a group of employees to perform a specific task. Be focused, do again and again and avoid making mistakes are the key to employee productivity.”

Accountability and responsibility

When it is well defined who is doing what then it can easily be identified who is accountable for what because if an employee is assigned for a specific task it also means he or she is responsible for any kind of failure in that task. On the other hand engagement in multiple works breaks the unity of command therefore the process of individual accountability breaks widely.

Employee development

Employee development occurs where the employees enhance their skills and acquire new knowledge with the support of their organization. And the best way to acquire keen skills in a task is by doing that task. So when an employee is engaged in a specific area of work years after years his or her productivity is increased to a greater extent.

“The best way to acquire keen skills in a task is by doing that task.”

Reduce complexity in work

Multitaskers create complexity, especially in team works. Most multitaskers are generally involved with different teams therefore they can not meet the deadline most of the time. As the performance of one member affects the performance of the other members of the team, everyone has to suffer due to the multitaskers.

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