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According to a study, more than 50% of marketers do not consider the expectation of their potential customers while designing their promotional content. Therefore, they spend a massive amount of money promoting their products or services but still fail to convince customers to buy. More than 90% of marketing specialists believe that understanding the consumer mindset is the key to designing marketing contacts that make sales. This blog will look at consumer mindsets and how to deal with them, how customer mindset affects the buying decision, and how marketers adjust to customer behaviour. It will help you to improve your marketing efficiency.  

Types of consumer mindset

Consumer’s mindsets are very difficult to classify. No one can be one hundred per cent sure what influence an individual consumer the most to make a buying decision. But thanks to modern technology. According to research by Google, there is six canonical consumer mindset to buy a particular product. Based on the feedback, we have classified the consumer’s mindset as follows –

Surprise me

When a customer is looking for something trendy, s/he carries a “surprise me” mindset. For example, if you are selling trendy motorbikes, you deal with “surprise me” types of customers. So design your marketing content accordingly. In this case, your marketing content should express an appealing design, astonishing offer or unique features of your product or service. However, the main motive of your advertising is to present your product in a fun and entertaining manner.

Help me

If you are serving customers with a “help me” mindset, you should explain the benefit of the product or services. It’s all about connecting the dots. It is a very narrow niche,e and you are providing a solution to your consumer’s specific need. So be focused on telling your customers how your product will solve their problem or add the value of their particular need while designing your promotional content.

Reassure me

Consumers having a “Reassure me” mindset are more concerned about the performance of the product. For example, a customer with a “Reassure me” mindset will look for comfortable lodging, commitment to cleanliness, flexible refund etc. This type of consumer searches for a product or service that is less complicated. So, if your target customers are of this type, you should launch your marketing content should land a guiding hand. These kinds of consumers are convinced with content that is simple and has lots of answers to questions.

Educate me

If your customers seek more detailed information about the product before they buy, you deal with “educate me” types of people. They constantly search for reviews, ratings, feedback etc., before they purchase anything. Also, they compare the price, features, durability with other products before making a purchase decision. In order o convince the customer, your marketing content should contain enough information about your product. You should also be aware of the reviews and ratings of your product on your website & social media.

Impress me

Suppose your products or services are aimed at the “impress me” state. In that case, you should feature a luxurious experience, higher price point, concierge service range, and use languages that sound impressive and exclusive. So, to convince customers with this type of mindset, you should aim to promote the luxurious and exclusive features of your offerings.

Thrill me

They want a fun and exciting experience with your product and services. If your targeted Customers have a “Thrill me” mindset, you should develop dramatic marketing content that tells a story and assure an emotional experience.

Mindset shapes Customer behaviour: Fixed and Growth Mindset

Customer behaviours are controlled by their mindset. Mary C. Murphy & Carol S. Dweck identified two views of human nature in an article titled “Mindset shapes Consumer behaviour” published on ScienceDirect. These are I) fixed mindset & II) Growth mindset. Consumer mindset has a significant influence to set their brand preference, product or service acceptance, and marketing and advertising efficiency. Customers with a fixed mindset are eager to buy products or services aligned with their own goals, aiming to demonstrate their positive qualities.

On the other hand, people with a growth mindset believe that the intelligence and talents of people can be developed. So, they prefer products and services that help them pursue their goals to improve and learn new things. A marketer needs to understand his customers’ fixed or growth mindset and offer products or services that encourage them to reinforce or expand core aspects of their identity.


The consumer mindset is deeply related to customer buying behaviour. So, marketers need to understand the perspective of their customer group. It helps them to develop promotional content that makes sales and thereby increase the overall marketing efficiency. However, this blog has shared our thoughts about customer mindset and behaviour. Many may disagree with some of our points. We welcome you to share your thoughts on the said topic in the comment section. We will update them if found interesting.

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