Team Cohesion

When you work with a team, whether it’s your peers or your staff, it’s easy to forget that they are people as well, with their own hopes and fears and insecurities. Many managers initially consider expanding their teams when it comes to increasing productivity, but the right kind of team cohesion may contribute far more to success than just hiring more employees. As a manager, you need to foster cohesiveness within the team in order to achieve success because that cohesiveness keeps you all moving toward the same goal instead of separately pursuing goals that conflict with one another. This blog will cover a detailed explanation of what team cohesion is and how to increase it in the workplace.

What is Team Cohesion?

Team cohesion is the ability of a group of individuals to work together effectively and share common interests. Team cohesion means harmony, unity and understanding among the team members of a group. It happens when every member of a team remains connected with each other and shares a common objective when they work on a particular project. According to Patrick et al. 2001, “Team cohesion refers to the social and psychological interdependence that develops among team members as they interact with each other over time, leading to positive feelings and greater performance of the group as a whole.” To maintain high levels of team cohesiveness, leaders should focus on building relationships, improving communication, and creating opportunities for social interactions among team members.

Ten Ways to Increase Team Cohesion

Team Cohesion

The most important thing you can do to build cohesion among your teammates is to make sure that everyone feels heard and respected in their contributions. You should also be making an effort to understand what their strengths are so you can utilize them accordingly and make sure that everyone has opportunities for growth throughout the project (and beyond). Here are 10 ways to increase team cohesion.

Get to Know Each Other

One way to increase team cohesion is by getting to know each other. Team-building activities, such as icebreakers and puzzles, will help you learn more about your teammates and what they bring to the table. It also helps you build a relationship with them. You can also form a group around a shared hobby or interest and get together outside of work hours. Another way that you can improve team cohesion is by creating fun team activities that allow your teammates to laugh and have some downtime outside of the office. Team-building exercises are an important part of improving team cohesion and should be incorporated into your company culture.

Communicate Openly

One of the most important ways to increase team cohesion is by keeping your team informed. This includes giving regular updates on the company’s goals and progress, as well as providing transparency on the company’s finances. Sharing knowledge can also help with team cohesion because it allows everyone on the team to understand what they are working towards and why. Finally, remaining open-minded during discussions can encourage better dialogue among members of your team.

Set Goals Together

Team cohesion is important for every team but it’s especially important for remote teams. It may seem challenging at first, but by involving your team in goal setting process, you can make your team feel like family. When everyone on the team is passionate about their work and the end goal, they’ll have more enthusiasm for the project. They’ll also know how their work contributes to that goal and will be more invested in completing tasks.

Celebrate Successes Together

One way to encourage team cohesion is by celebrating successes together. Celebrating successes can be as simple as taking a moment at the beginning or end of each day, week, or month for a quick huddle. Another idea is to celebrate success with a fun celebration outside the office once in a while. Regardless of what you do in order for team members to feel like they belong and are part of something meaningful, just keep in mind that little things can go a long way!

Support Each Other

Team cohesion is the glue that binds a group together. One of the best ways to increase team cohesion is by supporting each other. When you see your teammates accomplish something, be sure to congratulate them on their success and offer your help if they need it. If someone shares an idea with you, give it serious consideration before shooting it down just because it’s not what you had in mind. Remembering that different ideas are just as valuable can help increase team cohesion and make the workplace a more enjoyable place for everyone!

Be Transparent

It’s not uncommon for team members to be disengaged, feel unappreciated, or just simply unhappy in their roles. To increase team cohesion, make sure each team member has a clear understanding of what they are responsible for and the value they contribute to the success of the team. Take time on a daily basis (or as often as needed) to share one thing that went well with your team that day or things you’re looking forward to this week with them. Encourage open dialogue around how work is going and look for opportunities where every voice is heard.

Encourage Participation

One crucial way to increase team cohesion is encouraging your team to participate in planning team activities, decision making and doing team-building exercises. These will help your employees feel like they’re an important part of the company. As a result, they will own the company’s vision and be the master of their own tasks.

Respect Each Other

In order for a team to be cohesive, all members must be respected by one another. This might seem like an obvious statement, but it is important that each member of the team feels comfortable enough to voice their opinions and suggestions. This includes being mindful of what you say about other members in front of them, especially if they are not around. In addition, it is important that each person gets equal credit for their work and receives the same share of praise when things go well. It can also help team cohesion if you celebrate every small win with your teammates as a whole instead of just celebrating individual achievements.

Value Each Other’s Input

Team cohesion is the process of building trust and respect among team members. It can be done by valuing each other’s input. When it comes to work, everyone should have an equal voice and be valued for their contribution. If one person is dominating the conversation, then others will feel like they are being ignored. This can lead to resentment between team members, which can affect team cohesion.

Build Trust

Building trust is an important factor for a successful team. Trust is essential for any team to be successful and productive. To increase cohesion, every team member should trust their leader, trust each other, trust in the company’s mission and values and trust that everyone will do their job.


Team cohesion is one of the key elements of a successful company. It is what leads to a positive work environment and helps employees work together efficiently. Team cohesion is important for any company, but it becomes even more crucial when you are an agile team. Agile teams are not only responsible for product development but also for the process and tools that they use in their day-to-day operations. A lack of cohesion can lead to problems in decision-making, communication and collaboration, which can have a negative impact on the product’s quality.

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